Welcome Goddesses!

I hope you will find here the light and motivation your Soul needs to keep moving forward in your spiritual path.
I am here to listen and guide you through the difficult parts of your path, while helping you keep your divine connection with your Higher - Self.

Let's learn and grow together.

Much love,

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Fifth House

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Third House

Tarot of the Month: The Emperor

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Second House

Tarot of the Month - The Empress

Birthday Ritual - Manifest your ideal year

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - First House

Tarot Card of the month - The High Priestess

Tarot Card of the Month - The Magician

Connecting with the Divine Feminine - Mirror and Gratitude

Divine Feminine - Ancestral Prayer

February 2nd Yemaya and Oya’s day


After a whole year later I can honestly say I know so much more about myself than I did at the start. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.

La Nee.
Sttutgart, Germany

Thank you for all the knowledge and kindness and helping me connect with myself. I highly recommend it!

Talita Gouveia.
Sttutgart, Germany

I began my journey with Beth, over 1 year ago. Her guidance and mentorship is helping me develop knowledge of my spiritual gifts as well as what has held me back. She is creating a community where there is freedom to discover yourself with safety and protection. She gives guidance based on her years of knowledge of different manifestation methods including astrology and other divination. Taking her courses is not only an investment in yourself but also an investment in the others that you are charged to impact in your lifetime. Please do us all a favor and see if her guidance is for you.

Alexis Douglas.
Sttutgart, Germany

The Way of the High Priestess is here for the development of your soul, truly. Azyabeth will help you from the ground level to build a strong foundation for your life to grow in beautiful and unexpected ways through dedicated spiritual practice. I am so grateful for having a deeper understanding of myself through the insightful, accurate and compassionate astrology readings I have received from her because the guidance she gives continues to help me to become more honest about myself and connect more authentically with who my soul is here to be. If you are ready to step into your power and make great shifts in your life, call on The Way of the High Priestess!

Lola Rose Eros.
Sttutgart, Germany