Welcome Goddesses!

I hope you will find here the light and motivation your Soul needs to keep moving forward in your spiritual path.
I am here to listen and guide you through the difficult parts of your path, while helping you keep your divine connection with your Higher - Self.

Let's learn and grow together.

Much love,

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Fifth House

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Third House

Tarot of the Month: The Emperor

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Second House

Tarot of the Month - The Empress

Birthday Ritual - Manifest your ideal year

Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - First House

Tarot Card of the month - The High Priestess

Tarot Card of the Month - The Magician

Connecting with the Divine Feminine - Mirror and Gratitude

Divine Feminine - Ancestral Prayer

February 2nd Yemaya and Oya’s day


I cannot praise Azyabeth and her Black Woman Goddess course enough! I learned so much about myself, my gifts, how to learn, heal and grow. I feel encouraged when things are going well and supported when they aren't I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. Azyabeth is already a wealth of knowledge which together with her own spiritual gifts and experiences have provided us (black women) with a foundation for our birthright, our culture that was taken from us and that I've been looking for for years...probably decades. This class is my family and I'm looking forward to our second year together!

Leslie Bridges.
Sttutgart, Germany

This class is the best decision I’ve made for my mental and Spiritual wellbeing and growth! I can’t thank you enough for being there and connecting me with the wonderful women I’m now on this journey with!

Sttutgart, Germany

The Way of the High Priestess is here for the development of your soul, truly! Azyabeth will help you from the ground level to build a strong foundation for your life to grow in beautiful and unexpected ways through dedicated Spiritual practice.

Lola E.
Sttutgart, Germany

I am keeping these experiences close in my mind so I am reminded why I stay in alignment with my practice! I’m blessed to know you and everyone in our group! Blessings.

Sttutgart, Germany