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Understanding Zodiac Houses and their influences in your life - Second House

The 2nd house shows your possessions, money, material things, self-love, self-value, gain and expenditures. This house is ruled by Taurus and the planet Venus. 

The house does not only express your personal assets, but also your feelings towards them. It affects the way we draw or repel money toward us, as well as how we spend money. Everything that involves your financial standing. Lending and borrowing money is also shown in this chart position, and concerns about your emotional safety or insecurity towards material stability.

If you have beneficial planets in the house and strengthen it through being open to help other people, the blessing of money will return towards you even stronger. Not sharing your wealth eventually debilitates it. Material support is also a way of expressing love and light to the world that surrounds us. So whoever becomes a channel and a catalyst for the well-being of the others around him, eventually will make his own position better. 

The second house does not only rule possessions but also desires that a native has about what he wants to gain and possess. It also rules self-esteem and the connection between owning and feeling worthy. 

The 2nd house also shows which job would bring good gains to you but does not necessarily point towards a career that you would enjoy.

Venus feels at home in the second house, while Jupiter is also great to have. He expands anything he touches and definitely gives a great boost to anything concerning money. Saturn can bring a lot of wealth towards the latter stages of the native’s life or through a lot of work that piles up through time. Mars and Uranus are probably the worst planets to have in the house. They can mean a loss of income and general instability. The Sun there will create a lot of expenses .

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