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Tarot Card of the Month - The Magician

Gnostic Correspondences: Aleph & Kether

A card that shows itself when manifestation, resourcefulness, power and inspired action are present in the person or in the situation surrounding the person.

The Magician card is numbered One – meaning new beginnings and opportunities – and associates with the planet of Mercury which rules communication, information and networking, travel, trade, merchants and commerce . 

The Magician knows the connection between the spiritual realms and the material realms and uses this relationship to create and manifest his goals in the physical realm. He is the conduit that converts energy into matter.

On the table in front of him are: a cup (water), pentacle (earth), sword (air) and wand (fire). This means he has all the tools and elements he needs to manifest his intentions, goals and dreams into being. He has access to unlimited potential.

The Magician has a strong energy, an energy that will not accept NO for an answer, he will use all his knowledge (spiritual and material) to achieve his goals, to create his life, to rule over himself and others. He is purposeful and persistent.

When The Magician appears in your tarot of the day, he is letting you know that at this stage YOU are everything you need to be happy and achieve your goals. You are being supported spiritually and you have the power to modify your circumstances. It's a time to rely on your own mastery, your self-knowledge and your guides to make the decisions that will certainly change your life. 

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! Be fearless and you will be surprised by the powerful magic that resides inside of you.

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