The Way of the High Priestess helps women everywhere connect with their spirit in a profound, transformative and sustainable way.

My name is Azyabeth and I am a Priestess of Isis in the Gnostic tradition and Aborisha in the Lukumi tradition. It is my soul purpose to help guide women in the process of reconnecting with their Spirit. I am from Panama and currently live in the Czech Republic. A little about me and my approach to working together.

I believe in you:
Every woman is born with access to Spirit and now it is time to use this for your own healing, growth and joy. It is your right to be connected and in harmony!

I believe in your Spiritual protection:
When women develop their own Spirit, they do not follow people, they follow their own light. This is important to avoid scammers, cults and Spiritual abuse.

I believe you belong:
Real Spiritual practice brings connection to the universe, the planet, and every soul incarnated here. We belong to this place and time; we belong to each other and we belong to Spirit. Although we have to walk the path, we are never alone.

I believe you have a purpose:
A real Spiritual practice helps us understand why we are here, where we are on our road, and where we are headed in the future.


Thank you for all the knowledge and kindness and helping me connect with myself. I highly recommend it!

Talita Gouveia.
Sttutgart, Germany

After this course I can honestly say I know so much more about myself than I did at the start.

Sttutgart, Germany

I began my journey with Beth, over 1 year ago. Her guidance and mentorship is helping me develop knowledge of my spiritual gifts as well as what has held me back. She is creating a community where there is freedom to discover yourself with safety and protection. She gives guidance based on her years of knowledge of different manifestation methods including astrology and other divination. Taking her courses is not only an investment in yourself but also an investment in the others that you are charged to impact in your lifetime. Please do us all a favor and see if her guidance is for you.

Alexis Douglas.
Sttutgart, Germany

I highly appreciate not only the services, but also the beautiful human being that serves for our wellbeing. Thank you, High Priestess for everything! You have facilitated major changes in my life and I am...and will be grateful and honoured.

Alexandru Cosmin Stoia
Sttutgart, Germany



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