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Connecting with the Divine Feminine - Mirror and Gratitude

The days before the Full Moon can be difficult for a lot of women, especially highly sensitive ones.

Practice this short ritual regularly when feeling drained, sad or overwhelmed.

Light a white candle in front of a mirror, any mirror will do, breath deeply 3x and say this prayer as many times as you need: 

“Thank you for waking me up today. 

Thank you for protecting and watching over me. I am well in spirit and mind and capable of greatness. 

May I walk in the path of my highest self and be present to the beauty, blessing, and abundance you provide. 

Please order my steps and guide me to the places I need to be and toward the people I need to see. 

Touch everything in my life with your holy hand and make me a vessel for your will. 

I am thankful, so joyful. 

Thank you"

from “Own your glow” by Latham Thomas

This Prayer will change your vibe by connecting you with the most powerful energy in your life, your inner Divine Feminine.

Much love,


*Art by Marcella Hayes Muhammad

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