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February 2nd Yemaya and Oya’s day

On February 2nd we celebrate two of the most powerful Orishas: Yemaya and Oya

Yemaya or Yemoja is celebrated today in Brazil as part of the Pantheon of Candomble. Yemaya is the Mother of the Sea, the Great Water, the Womb of Creation. She is the Mother of Dreams and Secrets. She is natural wealth, the veiled Isis, the High Priestess of the Tarot. She is the mermaid, the full moon, the intelligence beyond human comprehension. Yemaya is envisioned as a large and beautiful black woman, radiant, nurturing and devouring. She rules the house and all women affairs. There is no mountain of trouble that Yemaya cannot wear down. As part of her celebration, millions of priestesses and followers bring fruits and flowers to the sea as an offering to Yemaya and to receive her blessings of the year.

Oya is celebrated today in Lukumi and Santeria traditions. Oya is the Queen of the winds of change. She is feared and respected as she brings sudden change in people and things. She is the cyclone and the earthquake. She is the Mother of the Mind. Oya is a warrior. A beautiful and strong Black Woman, she loves every color except black.

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