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Birthday Ritual - Manifest your ideal year

Hi Goddess,

Your Solar return (birthday) is a glorious day. This day, the Universe is more open to listening to your dreams and desires, you are getting revitalized for the next year. 

You will have 3 days (day before birthday, birthday, day after birthday) to renew yourself with the help of the Sun.

The day before your birthday: make a list of the things, people and circumstances you want to leave in the past. Example: Sadness is in the past, pain is the past, being unhealthy is in the past, etc.

For your Birthday: have a nice bath or shower early in the morning, make yourself pretty, perfume yourself, cover your body with aromatic oils and dress in new clothes as your birthday is a day of renewal. 

From 5 hours before to 5 hours after your time of birth: write a list of all the things you want to have, achieve and improve in the next year, write yourself a check for the amount of money you want to receive this year. As with every petition, write the list in present tense and feel grateful like you already have received them. Put your list in your altar or any special place.

Make sure to act on your desires on the day of your birthday, at least a little bit. If you are asking to be more healthy, do at least 10 minutes of cardio or yoga, eat healthier, breathe consciously, and receive your birthday sober. You will be setting the rhythm of your next year.

Go for a Birthday walk and pay attention to everything because during your Birthday, the Universe, your guides and angels will not only be open to give you your desires, but also will communicate with you through dreams, signs, animals, people. Pay attention! Write the new ideas, tasks, inspirations that come to you, specially the ones you think are impossible.

If you encounter any negative situation or person that day make sure to not react. During your Solar Return, embrace your inner Sun, your inner Authority and all the virtues of the Sun. Be patient, blessing, noble, smile, shine your light over everyone and everything.

Enjoy your Birthday!

Much love,


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